Call for Beta Testers

Are you interested in learning the most time-efficient workout system on the planet? Are you a leader among your peers, someone willing to forge his or her own path?

If you answered yes to these questions, have I got an offer for you!

I recently finished a Udemy course call Weight Lifting Essentials. It’s the distillation of my Slow Go System, the way I train myself and my clients. This unique system is the main reason I won Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Next Great Trainer award.

Right now we are looking for 100 beta testers to be the first to try this amazing course at a price that will never be offered again.

Here’s some quick details on the course:

  • 45 video lectures distilling my award-winning Slow Go System
  • A 112-page companion course manual with high-quality images, straightforward text, and sample workout splits


Here’s how to enter to win a spot:

  1. E-mail with “Beta Tester” as the subject.
  2. Include your name, age, and why you want to take this course–why do you want to reach your fitness goals?
  3. That’s it!


Beta testers will be selected on a rolling basis, with priority given to those who have the best reasons or seem to need this course the most.


If you are chosen to be a beta tester you will receive a 1-time-use personal promo code from me personally. This exclusive code will allow you to take the course for 90% off. 


After enough time–a few weeks–has passed to collect and implement feedback from beta testers we will officially launch the course with a early adopter promotion. So if you are not selected don’t sweat the $200 price tag.


Good luck to you. And thank you to everyone who is interested in bettering themselves by investing in this course.


Yours Truly,




P.S. If we receive over 2,000 beta tester applications, then we’ll bump the number of testers up to 200. The deadline for application is 8/18.   

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  1. I would love to try this program . I have tried everything else, fad diets, cardio, diet pills Nothing has helped with consistent results. Fearful that now I have reached 50 I may never back into reasonable shape

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